Past Reunions

60-year reunion

On Saturday 3rd September 2016, some 40 Old Uxonians were joined by Ken and Pam Pearce at school for a fantastic reunion – celebrating the fact that it was 60 years to the day that our year’s cohort had started as 11-year-olds at Bishopshalt.  Unfortunately, about 10 other people who had been contacted were unable to join us; and 10 of our year group had passed away in the intervening years – but they were all remembered.  All-in-all a very good turnout.

The reunion was very well organised by Mick Ash and Ted Bates, ably assisted by Corinne Lewis (Christopher), Alan O’Neill, John Neal and Keith Eaton. And all the old photographs and other memorabilia were provided by Ken Pearce who, after lunch, gave us a talk about the history of the building and the school, starting with the early days that related to the clergy in Evesham and the Bishops of Worcester.  One piece of information that he then shared with us all was that, contrary to what we all believed, there is no tunnel from Room 1 to the church!  It’s a myth.

It was a memorable lunch and afternoon, with a great deal of reminiscing and much sharing of stories.  Several people had travelled long distances, the furthest being Bob Vaughan from the USA, but others came from France, the Lake District, Lancashire, Cornwall and most other counties around the country.  Our 1963 Head Boy (Jim Butterworth) and Head Girl (Janet Eaton (Walker)) stood together once more on the stage in the hall just as they had all those years ago!  (See attached photo.)

We managed to get everyone to stop talking and come together for a group photo (attached), and it shows how little we’ve changed over the past 60 years!!



1957 Intake Reunion

The 1957 intake is remarkable in that so many people from that year have kept in touch – not just Christmas cards and the occasional gathering to reminisce, but deep friendships that have lasted for more than 50 years. Much of the credit for this must go to Gay Durston (PERKINS) who sadly died only a few weeks before this reunion – an occasion that she was, as always, looking forward to very much. We are all putting together a book of tributes to give to her family as a mark of our appreciation of the great friend that she was to so many Old Uxonians.

The following people were there, news about them is included in the autumn newsletter:

Dave Scott, Nick Hoten, Roger Vernon, Christine Martin (WHIPP), Rosemary Anderson (LAMPIER), Adrienne McCormick (CHALKLEY), Judith (WARD), Stella Hellier (JARVIS), Sue Crane (SYMES),Julie Jenkinson (TERRILL), Dorothy Darwent (ROGERSON), Gillian Baines (WINTER, Pauline (YEO) and Rod Allday, Sandra Gibbons (ROSS) and John Gibbons (1958-65), Carolyn (BELSEY) and Graham (Wip) Morton, Lesley Veit (BARTLETT), Pat Dibben (HEARD), Brenda Pennington (DOWLING), Jacqueline Enk (WEST)

Apologies were received from Maggie THOMPSON (living in New Zealand), Gerald Goodall, Jennifer Davies (TURNER-THOMPSON), Pete White, Heather Toll(BANFIELD), Anne PITT.

Next year will be 50 years since we left, so we are hoping to arrange an ever bigger celebration. If you are not on the contact list, please send an e mail to Dave Scott so that he can keep you informed.

Dave Scott

It was 1966 when…

England won the World Cup – the Beatles were top of the charts with songs including Paperback Writer, Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine and you were either a mod or a rocker!

Well, the “1959 – 1966 old boys” met at Bishopshalt School for a (very different) school lunch, impeccably hosted by Ken Pearce with an interesting input from the current Headmaster on Bishopshalt – the Academy and the challenges for 2015!

A dozen lads met at the school at midday on July 9th and for Malcolm Edwards and John Grafham, all the efforts since 2008 to get their peers together again, paid off. They were joined by Roger Allen, Richard Bristow, Ken Brown, Roger Cash, Roger Cumming, Rod George, David Kennedy, Jim O’Connor, Roger Poulton and Graham Sadd in the original billiard room. After lunch Ken Pearce showed us around the school and the grounds – the boys were playing tennis (this was forbidden when we were at school).

Many of the lads had not seen each other for over 47 years and all felt they had not changed ‘much’ over those years. The Roger Cumming tribute to Roger Cash was enlightening as Cashie not only inspired Roger Cumming to get into Engineering but also helped him up a steep, wet and muddy hill during a cross-country run in Harrow!

From the first Red Lion get together, consisting of John, Jim O’Connor and Malcolm, the lads meet for lunch 2 or 3 times a year. Recent venues include the Buckinghamshire Golf Club and Brooklands.

Malcolm Edwards (1959-1966)

1950 Intake

A small group of us gathered together for our first reunion 16 years ago and since then our numbers have grown and occasionally shrunk and we have met once every year in various locations. This year we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to revisit the school. Unfortunately, most of our group that we have been fortunate enough to contact live many miles away, and of course at this time of year some are on holiday so in the end only four of us gathered for lunch at the Red Lion, Imelda Read (Hocking), Angela Hutt (Clarke) , Bill Dover and myself.

We so enjoyed looking round the school which has been refurbished since we last visited and is quite pristine with the grounds looking as beautiful as ever. We were particularly amused and very nostalgic when we saw John Chalkley’s wonderful cartoon drawings in the corridor as they were all of events that occurred during our time at the school. Humour and great fun were always present when we were pupils as emphasised by Ken Pearce’s delightful talk – Ramblings of an Old Master. It was a particular pleasure to meet John’s younger sister who I believe was a pupil from 1957 onwards particularly as you will be aware John is no longer with us. Also whilst viewing the drawings we met two more ex pupils from our year, John and Jill Price with whom we are now in touch and who intend to come to our new reunion. When we have a date I will certainly pass it on for inclusion in the next Old Uxonians’ Association Newsletter.

Again many thanks for all those involved in keeping the Association going and particularly in the production of the Newsletters.

Sandra Greenwood (Ryan)

1943 A Stream

Ten surviving members of the 1943 A Stream together with spouses assembled in the bar of The Red Lion on Wednesday 3rd July to celebrate their seventieth anniversary. Members had travelled from as far afield as Pembrokeshire and Yorkshire for their regular reunion lunch. Several recent editions of the newsletter were circulated and prompted some promises of new recruits for the Old Uxonians’ Association

As usual, wine was provided by John Atherfold, to accompany an excellent three course lunch in a private area of the restaurant. After a career in education, including his first headship while still in his thirties, John now runs a wine business in his retirement and gave a description of each wine. In a short address after the meal John (Fuzzy) Hughes outlined the many career achievements of the original A Stream. After hours of pleasant reminiscence and nostalgia the party broke up vowing to continue the reunions in future.

Peter Quinn